The council of governors is comprised of 24 seats. Meetings are chaired by Mark Lam, who is also chair of our trust board, acting as a vital link between the two bodies. Sneha Bedi is our lead governor.

Membership of the council is made up of:

  • Four appointed members from local partners.
  • Eight elected members from the patient constituency.
  • Five elected members from the public (Camden, Barnet, Enfield and Hertfordshire) constituency.
  • One elected member from the public (rest of England) constituency.
  • Six elected members from the staff constituency.

Our governors

Justin Alpha

Justin Alpha — staff constituency

Profile to follow.

Sean Baine

Sean Baine — public constituency

Profile to follow.

Sneha Bedi

Sneha Bedi — patient constituency and lead governor

Sneha was elected as governor in October 2017. She is a local resident and patient of the trust. Sneha is experienced in leading global digital transformation programmes across various sectors.

After an injury, she started studying Pilates and teaches it in her free time.

Linda Bogod

Linda Bogod — patient constituency

Linda was elected to the council of governors in October 2020. She spent 20 years working in the financial services sector. 

She has been a trustee of a large health and social care charity and she also works as a local magistrate.

Gisela Botelho

Gisela Botelho — public constituency

Profile to follow.

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark — patient constituency

Anthony was elected a patient governor in March 2021. After a lifetime of teaching, advising on and inspecting religious education, he became a deacon in a local church.

Anthony has been a volunteer hospital chaplain at the Royal Free Hospital since 2009, as well as being a founder member of the Men's Den, the prostate cancer support group in the hospital.

Suzanna Fine

Suzanne Fine — public constituency

Suzanne is a qualified barrister and solicitor. For more than 20 years, she has worked for global law firms in senior HR roles supporting stakeholders and board members.

She is keen to give something back to the communities the trust serves by making sure their voice is heard.

Dov Gerber

Dov Gerber — patient constituency

Dov brings a wealth of experience in the voluntary sector, including the running of a welfare rights service for over 15 years.

He has also been a volunteer for a charity for teenagers at risk of social exclusion for 20 years, and is a mentor for vulnerable young men at risk of self-harm and suicide.

Jane Gizbert

Jane Gizbert — public constituency

Profile to follow. 

Julian Goodkin

Julian Goodkin — patient constituency

Julian was elected to the council of governors in September 2020. After a career working for IBM for 23 years, he then went on to run his own business selling and installing financial software.

Julian has found time to volunteer with helping children read in school, has been a leader of a local synagogue and helped raise funds for various charities.

Annette Heslop

Annette Heslop — staff constituency

Annette was elected to the council in October 2020. She has worked at the trust for many years and has seen a lot of changes.

She is a junior sister, but has other roles that support members of staff and patients in the trust. Annette has an interest in equality and diversity and wants to use her lived experience to make a difference.

Vijendra Ingle

Vijendra Ingle — staff constituency

Profile to follow.

Tim Leaver

Tim Leaver — appointed governor

Tim was elected Enfield councillor for the Highfield ward in 2018 and joined the trust’s council of governors in November 2022. He is also a cabinet member for finance and procurement.

Tim is an entrepreneur and founder of start-up businesses in clinical diagnostics, personalised medicine, and life science sectors. He is also an experienced chartered accountant and non-executive director.

Natasha Leith-Smith

Natasha Leith-Smith — patient constituency

Natasha has a design and media background and has been a member of the fundraising committee at Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity since 2014. She is also an ambassador for the Royal Free Charity.

Natasha is passionate about improving patient experience and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Alison Moore

Alison Moore — appointed governor for Barnet Council

Alison is chair of Barnet Council’s health and wellbeing board.

She gained a PhD from the University of London, Middlesex Hospital Medical School, and had a career as a scientist and lecturer. She has been a councillor for the East Finchley ward since 1998.

Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips — staff constituency

Profile to follow.

Meera Radia

Meera Radia — public constituency

Meera is an ophthalmology registrar and a strategy management consultant in healthcare, working across both NHS public sector and private sector engagements.

She is also a Founder and CEO of a digital health start-up company, which is supported through NHS England's Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson — staff constituency

Profile to follow.

Esther Samuels

Esther Samuels — public constituency

Esther was elected as public governor in 2019. She studied at The Sorbonne, The University of Birmingham, and University College London.

She has extensive experience of being a family carer and is passionate about patient experience, and the trust's engagement with patients and their families. 

Maxine Tran

Maxine Tran — appointed governor for University College London

Maxine was appointed to the council in April 2021. She is an associate professor in kidney cancer and vice dean for equality, diversity and inclusion for the faculty of medical science at University College London.

She has worked at the Royal Free Hospital as an honorary consultant urological surgeon since 2015, specialising in complex specialist kidney cancer surgery.

Vishaal Virani

Vishaal Virani — public constituency

Vishaal is doctor by background and attended the University College London Medical School. He now manages digital health technology and innovation for a FTSE 100 healthcare company.

Vishaal has previously worked as a management consultant and at a digital health startup, and is a co-founder of Doctorpreneurs, the global community for healthcare innovators.

Michelle Wayne

Michelle Wayne — patient constituency

Profile to follow.

Neil Wolstenholme

Neil Wolstenholme — patient constituency

Neil was elected to the council of governors in September 2019. He has myeloma and AL amyloidosis. The Royal Free London saved Neil's life in 2015 and has continued to support his recovery.

He utilises his more than 30 years financial and commercial experience to engage positively in the council of governors and act as a strong advocate for patient, patient family, staff issues and needs.

Anna Wright

Anna Wright — appointed governor for Camden Council

Anna was appointed in October 2020 and is the elected Labour councillor for Highgate Ward in Camden. She leads on health, wellbeing and adult social care for the borough.

She works to promote health and wellbeing, support good mental health, reduce health inequalities and support independence for residents with disabilities or health conditions.